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Yunlu Wetland Gallery

Yunlu Wetland Gallery is located in Shunde Yunlun Wetland Park, where 20,000 herons live. We set the building back behind a row of existing sequoia forest, hidden in the woods, to minimize the existence of the building. The building consists of four vertically stacked concrete tubes, each of which is rotated according to the current conditions of the site to optimize the viewing direction, with the first to fourth floors looking out to the roots, trunks, crowns, and treetops of the trees, respectively, acting as four frames of view, allowing one to see the activities of the herons on the trees at different heights. A large triangular atrium connects the four-story volume together, with sunlight penetrating the interior of the building through the upper skylights. Being in the building, one can observe the flow of seasons and the harmonious co-existence of different species through the viewfinder window.

The construction process avoids use of heavy machinery that might disturb the herons on the island. The roof of the building is set up with a number of lotus ponds. We replaced the concrete roof with an ecological water feature to weaken the presence of the building so that the herons would not be intimidated by the building.


Location: Shenzhen, China
Program: Culture
Project Area: Building Area 1,800 sqm
Client: CR Land
Construction Stage/Completion: 9/2024

Chief Architect: Yichen Lu
Project Manager: Shiyu Guo
Project Team: Rui Zhou, Zhenwei Zhong, Zida Liu, Feng Qi, Jiarui Xu, Sarah Kenney
Design Scope: Architecture

Structural Consultant: Shenzhen WS Engineering Design Consultant Ltd. / Shenzhen A+E Design Co., Ltd.
MEP Consultant: Shenzhen A+E Design Co., Ltd.
Curtain Wall Consultant: Zheng Xiang Consultant
Landscape Consultant: CHANGE
Interior Consultant: Yu Studio
Supplier:Beijing Yihuida Architectural Concrete Engineering Co.Ltd..