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Six Sections

Studio Link-Arc was invited to design an installation for an urban sculpture park in Zhangzhou, located in southern China. The client requested an intervention that would bring creativity, energy, and a sense of possibility to the area. When we first visited the site, we noticed a playground nearby. Filled with happy children, it was full of life and energy. We decided to create an interactive sculpture that would invite children to enter and immerse themselves in a unique environment while becoming part of the installation.

Designed to a proportion of 4 x 4 x 6 meters, the form is derived from a sequence of subtractive gestures. A series of cylinders are carved from the rectangular mass to create rich interior voids. Upon approaching the project, viewers find that the voids have an additional dimension.  Entering the cylinders, visitors are surrounded by reflective material, as if entering hyperspace. The intersections between the subtracted cylinders form oval sections that create multilayered spaces inside the sculpture. The reflective stainless-steel material helps creates a dynamic and unpredictable spatial experience.

The rectangular solid that circumscribes the project can be understood as a three-dimensional slice from a series of cylinders that extend to infinity. As a result, the six exterior surfaces— “elevations” in typical architectural parlance—are, in reality, six “sections”.

Our intent for this project is to break down the traditional relationship between “artwork” and “viewer”. Instead of being viewed from a distance, this installation takes a further step—it invites children and passers-by inside to engage, to participate, and ultimately become part of the creative work. To us, the installation has no meaning unless it can invite children to interact and participate. Ultimately, it is for them.

Six Sections was awarded “Small Project of the Year” by World Architecture Festival 2019.

Project Name: Six Sections
Project Site: Zhangzhou, China
Dimention: 4 x 4 x 6m

Chief Designer: Yichen Lu
Project Team: Kenneth Namkung, Karen Lam, Yishuang Guo