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SHSID Hongkou Campus and Changqing School

SHSID Hongkou Campus and Changqing School will be located in the North Bund area. The area is both a historic conservation area and a rapidly developing “showcase for Chinese modernization”.

The site is located at the junction of the Tilanqiao Historic District and the new city center. The historical buildings in the three plots are scattered and of different forms. The street boundaries are fragmented and the cityscape is cut off. We use the campus design as an opportunity to fill in the suture of the severed urban fabric and landscape.

The classic campus creates the center “green” first and then the whole campus is arranged around it. We maximize the retention of history, make vacations and updates, and clarify the campus boundaries with a courtyard layout. We reorganize the courtyard relationship with the central activity site to define the core “CAMPUS”. The transition of scale from old city to new city, from small to large, is articulated.


Location: Hongkou District, Shanghai
Program: Education
Building Area: 96,000 sqm
Client: Hongkou Government
Design Stage: 2023.9-2023.12

Chief Architect: Yichen Lu
Project Manager: Jin Guo
Project Team: Jun Cai, Lei Zhang, Chenhao Ma, Zida Liu, Shiyu Guo, Zeynep Ugur, Rui Zhang, Lingyun Yang, Jiarui Xu, Sarah Kenney, Zishi Li
Design Scope: Architecture, Landscape, Interior
Historical Reservation Consultant: Jian Zhou