Lokadhatu(The World)

The name “Lokadhatu” (world) comes to us from Sanskrit which refers to all existence. Formed from a 4x4x6 meter solid from which a series of cylinders are subtracted, the intent behind our project is to break down the traditional relationship between “artwork” and “viewer”. Instead of being viewed from distance, our installation takes invites viewers and passers-by inside, bringing layered views of the visitors into its body. Wrapped within multiple layers of space, “seeing” becomes “being seen”. The viewers become part of the exhibition, and the installation connects art to architecture, and ultimately to the universe beyond.



Project Name: Lokadhatu (The World)

Project Site: Zhangzhou, China

Dimention: 4 x 4 x 6m

Chief Designer: Yichen Lu

Project Team: Kenneth Namkung, Keren Lam, Yishuang Guo