led high bay light

The Sweeping Hut

The Sweeping Hut is a meditation and retreat space designed for a private client in upstate New York. Open to the elements, the space is envisioned as a space for small groups to meet, interact and learn, while remaining connected to the forest and natural landscape around them.

The project is conceived as a sculptural roof form, with a tripartite division. Each roof section is derived from a conceptual ruled surface modified to create a specific-site response. One roof section is cut to create an entry portal, one roof section is pulled to the ground to create a semi-enclosed zone, and another roof section is articulated as an open canopy that promotes views of the lake and landscape beyond.

In order to respond to the rustic quality of the site, the project is articulated as an exposed timber structure with parametrically shingled roof panels, allowing for varying density to create areas of light and dark that imply areas for programmatic usage and occupation without the use of hard architectural elements such as walls.