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Jie Xu

Jie Xu, a Master of Architecture graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, has nine years of experience in large-scale public buildings and urban design projects. She has worked for AECOM and AS+P, where she has been involved in a wide range of architectural and small- to medium-sized urban design projects, including super high-rise, mixed-use, TOD, industrial parks, urban renewal and cultural projects.

During this period, Jie has led the design of Wuxi Gonghu Wetland Park Station TOD, Hangzhou New Youth City Automobile Industry Commercial Complex, Jiading Yuanxiang Lake Parlour Exhibition Hall and other projects. She has also designed and participated in the construction or completion of the Philippine Senate Building, Anhui Dahechengzhang Commercial Complex, Shenzhen Science Park Station North Commercial Complex and Suzhou Jinji Lake Bridge East Service Building.

Jie specializes in creating and developing concept design and is experienced in project management. Since joining Link-Arc, she has been involved in Shenyang Lotte Exhibition Centre and Theatre, Yue Department Facade Innovation Study and Shenzhen Literature & Art Center.